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An ultimate adjustable artificial limb for your beloved pet.
Base price for variant ₨ 6,000.00
Sales price ₨ 6,300.00
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Tax amount ₨ 300.00
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Pet in action

Size Determination



Step 1: Note down the measurements of your pet as described in above video and illustrated below



Step 2: Get the downloadable size form here

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Product Uses



Artificial limb Uses

Artificial limb is helpful product in real manner. It helps the dog with fantastic creativeness and newly enjoyable move. It helps in many cases like accidental injury, amputee limb and lost more.

1. Provide support

Artificial limb provide fabulous support to the pet when they suffering from life without limbs. It is very heart breaking for the pet and its owner. Artificial limb provides the new life by giving real time support. Because, it gives all help to the pet like original. It gives support in walk.

2. Prevent muscle waste

Pet faces critical situation when its legs not working properly or they lost their limbs. In these extreme situations they generally unable to walk or even cannot move properly. So the other muscles of the body also become unused and deactivate. And it can be the next major physical problem for the dog. The artificial limb provides the new and creative life by giving the support to move and walk again easily. By using artificial limb pet can be the fully active in routine and decrease the muscle waste automatically.

3. Amputee limb case

Some of the dogs are born with genetics deformity by nature. When pet grows, it can be the next most major survival challenge. In this situation we should make their life easy and comfortable by giving such supports like providing artificial limb.

 4. Help in limping

Limping in dog can be causes through many of reasons like injury, infections, some anatomy defects, inflammations and degenerative disease. This disease can be occurs suddenly. In these type of serious problem, artificial limbs can be prove the best rehabilitation aid for the affected dogs.

 5. Offloads pressures from other body part

When pet survive without limbs, it will be most difficult to balance the whole body. By giving the support with artificial limb, they can balance and reduce the uneven load from the body.

 6. Reduce stress and depression

Transform from old unable and critical life to new, enjoyable and innovative life is better to set the reason of reduce the stress and overcome the depression.


Product Speciality

 limb speciality


Artificial limb Speciality

1. Tough base for proper balance

In dog limb, paw area plays the major role. With help of base, pet can move, walk and run. In artificial limb to give proper base with the whole limb design is very important. We provide the toughest base as required. This gives the proper balance to the pet.

2. Smooth belt along with limb

In artificial limb, the smooth belt gives the required fitting. The belt is connected with limb and set in neck area. Generally gives the support in proper adjustment.

3. Specially design for amputee pets

The artificial limb is used in various cases, but it is specially designed for the pet survive with amputee limb.

4. Design through negative cast

We generally ask for the negative cast when we make the artificial limb. Not only negative cast of amputee limb but also working leg which gives the better idea to make equivalent artificial limb.


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