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wrist band fitted securely, stabilizes your dog's forearm bones and lends support to the muscles and tendons of the wrist and leg.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dog wrist Band?

Dog wrist band is Support product for Pets, manufactured under the brand name of INNOVATION INDIA. Which stabilize forearm of your pet and also lend support to the muscle of wrist and leg.

What are different sizes of dog wrist band available?

It is available in Small to Extra Large all sizes.

when dog wrist band should be used?

Dog wrist band can use when your dog suffers from Arthritis, joint pain & stabilization and you can also use in case of Sporting and Police dogs.

Is band protective medical product or accessory?

You can use band both ways accessory as well as Protective Medical Product also.

Is band is available only available for front leg or for back leg also?

Band is available for front legs only.

Is Band can use in place of Gaitor?

Yes, you can temporary use band in place of gaitors.

What is difference between gaitor and wrist band?

Gaitor is use in case of open wound fracture and Band use in joint stabilization of Front legs.

Is Wrist band is replacable,If band is not fit to dog?

Yes , it is replaceable if not fit to size of Pet, But it Advisable to buy correct Size

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