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Spinal brace is designed to help and support cases of cervical, thoracic and lumbar IVDD, vertebral fractures or instabilities
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Size Determination

Step 1: Kindly go through the video on how to take the measurements


Step 2: Note down the measurements of your pet as described in above video and illustrated below


Step 3: Get the downloadable size form here

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Product Uses

Spinal brace


Spinal brace Uses

1. Helps in IVDD

The spinal brace is specially designed to give perfect support to the spinal cord. It is also helps in case like cervical, thoracic and lumber IVDD. The spinal brace is fully customized brace so any pet can use it with their sizes and perfection.

2. Vertebral fracture

The spinal brace is also helpful in vertebral fracture for heal up. It provides strong stiffness which generally requires giving stability in fracture.

3. Accident cases

In accident, pet generally face painful injury like cervical or spinal injury. In these types of serious injury, the support is very important. The spinal brace plays the major role for the spinal support and heal up.


Product Speciality



Spinal brace Speciality

1. Adjustable length screw

The spinal brace is fully customized rehabilitation product. It includes screw as adjustment tool. The screw helps in adjustment of length of brace. In spinal brace, the brace length plays the role to give perfect fitting. For that, the spinal brace length should always be adjustable.

2. Premium durable velcro

We use premium material in rehabilitation. Normally, we design the brace with good raw material. And it’s design is also suitable to the dog because we provide durable Velcro to give full adjustment and perfect fitting.

3. Smooth cushioned inside

Spinal brace provides the support in various spinal injuries. With the powerful support, comfort ness is also very important for the dog body. So with the care of support we also provide extra cushion material inside which helps giving softness, comfort and cushion feel.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spinal Brace?

Spinal Brace is support product designed to help support case of cervical, thoracic and lumber IVDD, vertebral fractures and instabilities.

What are different sizes of Spinal Brace available?

Spinal Brace is available in Small to large sizes.

Is Spinal Brace is Customized Product?

Yes, it is customized product.

Is Spinal Brace can be returned or replace if pet can not be fit into the brace?

Yes, it returned but it is customized product of company. so it produced after taking right measurement.

Is Spinal brace available for all breeds of dogs?

Yes, it is customized as per requirement of various breeds of dog.


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