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Gaitor Protect your pet's leg to remain in normal anatomy and reduce the Strains on joint.
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Size Determination

Step 1: Kindly go through the video on how to take the measurements


Step 2: Note down the measurements of your pet as described in above video and illustrated below

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Step 3: Get the downloadable size form here

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Product Uses



Gaitor Uses

1. Joint stabilization

Gaitor helps in joint stabilization. It supports the joint and provide bone, muscle stabilization. Joint stabilization is important when pet facing the joint injury or leg joint fracture. During any fracture of the joint, it is very important to provide stabilization to the injured joint to keep it as its original position. So the rehabilitation aid like gaitor is very useful to stabilize the joint.

2. Ligament & tendon tear

Ligament injury is most commonly happens in dog when they faces accident or high fall. Normally this is highly painful for them. Ligament should be at stable position instead of mess with other one. In this situation the hock brace keeps the ligaments perfect with stable place. It prevents ligaments serious injury. The gaitor helps in reduce the tendon tear; it is a problem of the tendon (the muscle connected to the bone). Normally the ligaments and muscle ruptured the problems can starts, includes ligament problem and tendon tear problems. If tendon damage occurs, movement may be limited. The gaitor helps to heal up the injury.

3. Angular limb deformities

Angular limb deformity is the problem of the limb bone growth. It is a bone growth abnormality that cause a limb to grow curved or bowed instead of leg straight growth. This problem mainly occurs in young dog. The gaitor helps to reduce the curved growth and helps to bring the bone in its original position. It provides the support to the bone to readjust the original position.

4. Fracture stabilization

The gaitor helps in the case of fracture. I help in heal up the fracture injury by providing the proper treatment. It can immobilize the fracture. The gaitor is very ideal for the cases of the fracture and its stabilization.

5. Open wound fracture

The gaitor also helps the open wound fractures. The gaitor not only helps the hidden injury but it can also help in healing of the open wound injury. In the open injury, it is very important to protect the injured area from so many things. So the gaitor is ideal for the case like open wound injury and its protection.

Product Speciality



 Gaitor Speciality

1. Accommodate natural contour

We made this product to fulfil many of the requirements as well as it fulfils the basic need like to provide natural contour. Its design satisfies the major need which is very important for any area of the body. This product can easily be shaped with any joint of the leg.

2. Medial and lateral hidden reinforcement

We manufacture the gaitor with so many facilities. We provide hidden reinforcement which provides the perfect straightening with medial and lateral care. Other thing from gaitor is to give comfort and perfect fitting and adjustment.

3. Smooth cushioned inside

The cushioned feel is important for the affected body part, because the injury is very critical and any injured area is very sensitive. Smoothness, cushioned and comfort is very important with protection of injury and it’s heal up.

4. Beaded smooth edge

The gaitor includes smooth beaded edge to set the product perfectly on the joint. The advantage of the smooth edge is very good for any pet, because if edges will not smooth it can harm the dog skin and some other problems can starts from that rashes. It can make pet feel uneasy and comfort less. So the gaitor includes smooth and beaded edges which provide the soft feel on skin.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gaitor?

Gaitor is supplementary rehabilitation products use in place if plaster in Pets.

What are different sizes of Gaitors available?

Gaitors are available in below extra small size to above extra- large size.

Is Gaitor First Aid Before Plaster

No, it is not first aid. You can use gaitor in place of plaster.

We can use Gaitor in place of INNOCART?

No INNOCART use in the case of paralysis and gaitor use for the plaster cases.

How to put on and off the gaitor?

No Gaitor is different for the Left and Right legs.

Can gaitor apply after plaster?

No Gaitors is apply in place of plaster, But you can also use after recovery of dog.

Can gaitor is reusable?

Yes gaitor is reusable you can use whenever your dog suffers from certain problems.

Can gaitor replacable if not fitted to size?

Yes you can replace gaitor if not fitted to pet but it is advisable to go through sizing guide before purchase it.

Is Gaitor soft and comfortable for our pet?

Gaitor has extra cushioned comfort inside, so it is comfort for pet.

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