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One piece brace with handle use for aged dogs and dogs with motor neuron diseases.
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Size Determination

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Step 2: Note down the measurements of your pet as described in above video and illustrated below

Innobrace Bodylift Measurement

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Product Uses

bodylift brace uses


Bodylift brace Uses

1. Easily lift your dog

Bodylift is specially made for giving help both. It helps old age dog, and it helps owner as well. It helps owner to lift their dogs easily. in some the situatio, dogs are unable to talk a walk by their own. but in real time they are unable and they need support. in this case, owner has to lift them.

2. Old age dog

Bodylift is very useful for old age dog, because they suffering with    motor neuron disease. In this situation they lost their physical strength completely. So they cannot move their body. Bodylift brace helps to lift them and make them move.

3. Case of paralysis

Another use of bodylift is paralysis. Bodylift is also helpful in paralysis in dog paralysis, if dog is not able to walk from four leg, the bodylift can help to lift them.


Product Speciality

bodylift brace speciality


Bodylift brace Speciality

1. Adjustable handle height

We provide adjustable handle height with bodylift brace, the handle adjustment and height adjustment is very important. Owner need to handle their dog when they assist them. In this situation the handle is important. So we provide adjustment in handle height.

2. Space for urination

It is very important to make pet feel comfort by giving space at private body part. Pet’s urination process is more difficult while they suffering from disease. So we design bodylift brace with separate space at private area.

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