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Serves Cervical stabilization and useful in conditions like wobblers syndrome.
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Product Uses

Cervical brace uses


Cervical brace Uses

1. Provide cervical stabilization

Cervical brace is specially made to give neck comfort ness and stabilization. It gives full comfort while pet faces the neck problem or pain. In some of the neck disease, pet cannot move from neck because it is very painful. Cervical brace gives the perfect fitting and helps in pain.

2. Useful in wobbler syndrome

Cervical brace helps in wobbler syndrome. It helps in problems like spinal column of cervical. Basically the wobbler syndrome is the malformation of the cervical vertebrae which normally cause wobble, and weakness in dog.

3. Provide support to the cervical

Cervical brace provide support to the cervical spinal column and helps in stability. It gives comfort and easiness during the pain.

4. Reduce stress and depression

Within the time they try a lot to move but the pain in injury is more problematic so they feel stress, with the lot of stress the pet become depressed and it can be the another big problem for them. After applying the brace, they can even feel little relax and easy.


Product Speciality

cervical brace speciality 


Cervical brace Speciality

1. Adjustable Velcro

The design of the cervical brace is adjustable to giving perfect fitting to the dog. Because the cervical brace is all about neck area and its injury. So perfect fitting and comfort is very important.

2. Smooth cushioned inside

Mainly the cushioned feel is important for the neck area, because the neck injury is very critical and neck area is very sensitive. Smoothness, cushioned and comfort is very important with protection of injury and it’s heal up.

3. Straight upside design

The design of the cervical brace is little straight from upside, which provides support to keep neck and shoulder area straight for the required time to help in healing the injury. The pet normally feel stress and their stress become depression while they face lots of problems during the disease or the injury.

4. Aluminium Bar for the neck straightening

We use aluminium bar as a straightening agent in the cervical brace. This helps the dog to keep their cervical spine stable. The stabilization of the cervical spine is very important during the injury. Cervical brace provide proper stabilization with comfort and easiness. It keeps the cervical spine vertebrae stable in the normal position which convert in heal up the injury.

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