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It is ideal for cases of cruciate ligament, luxation of patella, knee joint conditions such as arthritis and arthrosis, varus and valgus.
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Product Uses

Knee brace


Knee Brace Uses

1. Cruciate ligament injury

The cruciate ligament injury is most common cause of rear leg lameness in dogs and major cause of DJD (Degenerative joint disease). In knee joint, the cruciate ligament injury is very painful disease. The knee brace helps to decrease the pain during the disease.

2. Knee cap problem and tendinitis

The tendinitis in dog is generally caused by traumas when pet jump or run. When the knee cap (Patella) is dislocating from its normal position of the thigh bone, the “Patellar luxation” occurs. It can cause the insecurity and comfort less feeling in dog. It is painful as well. Tendinitis is most commonly occurs in small breeds. The knee brace helps in all kind of knee brace problems in dog.

3. Arthrosis, maniscus injury

The arthritis is the painful disease. This pain is responsible for many of the signs associated with arthritis. The meniscus injury is all about rupture of the cruciate ligaments.


Product Speciality

knee brace speciality


Knee Brace Speciality

1. Available with front attachment

We provide types in knee brace so owner can easily purchase the product for their pet according to their choice. Types in brace like with front attachment, without attachment. The front attachment gives the perfects fitting from neck area to the hind leg knee. Without front attachment there is also perfect fitting available because it is made upon the dog sizes. But in this brace there is no any front attachments, it only support the knee area and give perfect fitting to knee joint.

2. Heal up various joint disease

As the knee brace uses, the brace is specially made for the knee joint disease. It helps in various joint diseases. Some of the joint problems are very serious to survive with. In this critical and painful situation, pet strongly require the support and heal up from the disease and its problem. In this situation the knee brace is essential for them.

3. Cushioned with comfort

In the disease, more important part is to keep our pet comfort and easy going. To provide comfort with extra cushioned effect we have used some special material in our all braces. This helps to give easy going feel to the pet. If pet feel relaxed and easy, it definitely prefer to move more and more.


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