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It is commonly used to support hock instability, Collateral ligament, tendon ruptures, osteoarthritis and joint fusion.
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Product Uses

Hock brace


Hock Brace Uses

1. Joint inflammation

Hock brace is specially made for hock related problems like joint inflammation. The arthritis is also a type of inflammation in dog. Hock brace gives support in hock stability, collateral ligament, tendon ruptures, osteoarthritis and joint fusion.

2. Tarsal injury

The leg tarsal joint is the most likely to go undiagnosed. It occurs in the mid portion of the ligament. Hock brace helps to give support and protect the injury.

3. Ligament injury

Ligament injury is most commonly happens in dog when they faces accident or high fall. Normally this is highly painful for them. Ligament should be at stable position instead of mess with other one. In this situation the hock brace keeps the ligaments perfect with stable place. It prevents ligaments serious injury.


Product Speciality

hock brace speciality


Hock Brace Speciality

1. Specially designed for hock

The hock brace is fully customized product. It is specially made for hock area according to the hock design. It gives perfect adjustment and fitting because the design is specially made for hock.

2. Adjustable design

The brace is adjustable while applying on hock. It is made for hock injury. Because of its design, it can perfectly set on injured part.

3. Tough fabric outside

The hock brace includes tough material for outside protection. Leg injury can be major of minor. It is very important to secure the injury and give full protection from any hard object while pet move. So we provide tough material for outside to protect the injury.


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