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It is ideal for dogs suffering from Hip dysplasia, hip dislocation, Paralysis of Hind legs.
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Product Uses


Hip brace Uses

1. Support in hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is the disease which commonly found in dogs. It may cause the limping in dog. It is a problem of “Ball and Socket” joint. They can’t meet as they should, and the problem occurs. The hip brace specially made for these types of cases where pet unable to move from rear leg. They required support from hind leg. The hip brace provide that type of support.

2. Helps in hind leg paralysis

Hind leg paralysis in dog is normally called “Paraplegia”. In this paralysis dog unable to move from rear legs. But the good thing is they can walk from front leg. If we provide the support and assist them properly, they can easily walk with the help.

3. Prevent hip dislocation

Again the dislocation of hip is all about “Ball and Socket” joint problem. The ball is the rounded head of the leg bone and the socket is located in the pelvis and cups around the ball. In cases of accident, pet face the serious injury like hip dislocation. They need treatment during the period of time. The hip brace can be very much helpful for them.

4. Easily assist your dog from hip

In these certain cases, pet’s all needs are support and proper assistant from hind legs. So the special use of the hip brace is to give support. Any of pet owners can easily assist the dog.


Product Speciality


Hip brace Speciality

1. Easy to assist and lift

In cases of hip dysplasia, hip dislocation or paraplegia, pet unable to move from hind leg. They required full of support from hind leg. Hip brace provide the support to lift and make pet move.

2. Adjustable handle height

We provide adjustable handle height with sling, the handle adjustment and height adjustment is very important. Owner need to handle their dog when they assist them. In this situation the handle is important. So we provide adjustment in handle height.

3. Space for urination

It is very important to make pet feel comfort by giving space at private body part. Pet’s urination process is more difficult while they suffering from disease. So we design hip brace with separate space at private area.

4. Smooth fabric material

We use soft fabric material for inside in hip brace. Because it is more important to give comfort, during pet’s problem. If we avoid inside smoothness, and use any ordinary material in sling it will convert in next big problem like skin rashes. So the inside smoothness is important.


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