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Perfect design to support Carpal and Metacarpal Joints.
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Size Determination

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Product Uses

metacarpal uses 


Metacarpal brace uses

1. Ideal for pain relief

Metacarpal brace specially made for carpal area injury. It helps as being power rehabilitation aid for the metacarpal injuries. It is useful for pain relief. Metacarpal brace generally gives the stiffness and good binding to the metacarpal area. By using this brace pet normally can walk and start the nerves circulation again.

2. Helps in lameness

The lameness can affect dogs in any age from growing puppies to old age. Metacarpal brace helps them in their lameness by giving such ability in walk. By using the brace they can take a move

3. Specially designed for Metacarpal lesions

When pet suffers from metacarpal lesions, it generally become a big problems for them because, the main balance of the whole body depends upon the leg carpal and metacarpal. The metacarpal brace specially designed for metacarpal injury to provide at least stability to the dog.

4. Helps in moving difficulties

Generally pet faces lots of moving difficulties during the leg carpal injury. It is hardest thing for them to move their bodies. By giving some helpful support we can at least minimize their suffering from these kinds of problems.


Product Speciality


metacarpal speciality 


Metacarpal brace Speciality

1. Premium quality

We made the customised product for the rehabilitation of pet. It is most important to keep the material of the product which we gone use, should always be premium. Because it is very important for any pet owner to take care of their pet and make them feel comfortable with any product. So we use premium quality material in the product.

2. Specially designed for carpal injury

The metacarpal brace is specially made for metacarpal injury. It is mostly preferable in carpal and metacarpal problems of dog leg. It gives the perfect binding and power to the carpal. Pet can walk and put weight on leg by using this brace.

3. Helps in pain and provide relief

With the help of brace, pet can move and walk. The blood circulation of the leg can be the regular again, muscle can be active again. So it slowly gives relief in pain.

4. Suitable for metacarpal lesions

The carpal brace specially made for carpal injury. It helps in various carpal lesions. It gives the protection as well as the support to the carpal to move again it release the leg hardness and provide easy move.


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