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It is use for therapeutic treatment of hygroma, Decubital ulcers, elbow dysplasia, calluses and arthritis.
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Size Determination

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Step 2: Note down the measurements of your pet as described in above video and illustrated below


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Product Uses

Elbow brace


Elbow brace Uses

1. Elbow dysplasia

Elbow brace is specially made for disease of elbows. It is most commonly used in elbow dysplasia and other disease of elbow. The elbow brace helps in elbow dysplasia by giving proper joint of bones and stability, even helps muscles to reactive. This simply gives the ability and strong ness in elbow to take a move.

2. Decubital ulcer

This is very common but serious problem in dogs. When they suffer from the decubital ulcer they also suffer from heavy pain and annoyance. During this stage of disease, dog generally reluctant to get up and move hard because, they got all weakness in that particular join area. The elbow braces helps in this situation and prevent the disease. It also helps to re-joint the muscle and give strong ness.

3. Elbow hygroma

The elbow brace is mostly suitable for disease like elbow hygroma. The elbow hygroma is of the disease which most of the pet faces during their life period. The hygroma in the dog are most common disease, it can be a little painful and uncomfortable. With the hygroma dog normally unable to walk. The elbow brace prevent this situation and gives the comfort ness to the dog.


Product Speciality



Elbow brace Speciality

1. Smooth cushioned inside

As the other product, we provide smooth and soft material in the making of product especially for inside. For any pet, the cushioned touch is important and necessary because it is all about the dog body. So we take extra care about dog’s skin and provide smooth soft touch in product.

2. Silicone padding inside

We use the silicone as the smoothness and softness provider agent. Silicone padding is famously used in product making process to give cushioned touch. If it is made for any joint of the body, the softness is necessary. Elbow brace includes silicone padding for the extra soft touch.

3. Scope for adjustment and smooth beaded edge

The brace includes Velcro adjustment and smooth beaded edge to set the product perfectly on the joint. With the help of adjustment Velcro, any pet owner can easily adjust the brace on the dog’s affected joint.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Callosity Brace?

Callosity Brace is pressure bandaging product use for treatment of hygroma, Decubital ulcers etc.

What are different sizes of Callosity Brace available?

Callosity brace is available in small to extra- large sizes.

when Callosity Brace should be used?

Callosity brace can used when your pet suffers from the Calluses and arthritis and from elbow dysplasia and hygroma.

Is Callosity Brace is Customized Product?

No, Callosity brace is available in various sizes. it is not customized product.

Is Callosity Brace can be returned or replace if pet can not be fit into the brace?

Yes, Callosity brace can be returned or replace if pet not fitted but it is advisable to buy after going through sizing guide.

Is Callosity brace available for all breeds of dogs?

Yes, it is available for all breeds of dog.

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