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It is best suited for cleanliness where small animal can eat, drink are housed in cage. also use as litter box or pan.
mat also absorbs liquids, the animals drinking water and the animal's bodily fluids.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mat?

Mat is hygiene product of INNOVATION INDIA which best suited for the cleanliness of the animal area.

When Mat is used?

Mat is used as examination table cover for doctors and under old and sick dog and for cleanliness of animal area also.

is mat is moisture absorbing?

Yes, it absorb all the moisture and bodily fluids of animals.

Can mat tear from the sharp nails of the Pet?

Yes, it can tear from the sharp nails of the dogs. So it is advisable to trimmed nail of your pet before using it.

Is it only use by doctors for examination sheet?

No, everyone can use it for their pet in home as well as in car while travelling with pet.

In what sizes Mat is available?

Mat is available in 36*24 size.

Can mat is washable?

Yes, you can wash mat.

Can we use it in car?

Yes, you can use mat in car while travelling with pets.

Can our pet easily sleep on the mat?

Yes, your pet easily sleeps on the pet.

Can all breed and all sizes dogs are comfortably fitted on mat?

Yes, All breed and sized dogs are comfortably fitted on the mat.

Can mat absorbed the bodily fluids of the dog?

Yes, mat is absorbs the bodily fluids of animals.

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