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It gives Greater Comfort and improvised design to protect your beloved pet.
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Step 1: Note down the measurements of your pet as described in above video and illustrated below



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Collapsible Collar?

Collapsible collar is same as Elizabethan but collapsed when pet sit on floor.

What are different sizes of Collapsible collar  available?

Collapsible collar is available in 0 to 7 sizes.

when Collapsible collar should be used?

This collar can be used when your pet suffers from the suture licking, eye disease, scratching injuries etc.

Is collar is available for all the breed?

Yes, it is available for the all breeds of dogs.

Can my pet easily Sleep while wearing collar?

Yes, this collar is collapsed when your pet sit, so your pet can sleep while collar is on.

Is we can use belt while Put on collapsible collar?

Yes, you can use belt because this collar has special loops in it. 

what to do if pet scratch the velcro of collar?

No, Velcro is concealed in the collar. so your pet can't scratch it.

Is it washable?

Yes, you can easily wash this collar without much trouble.

After washing collar if softness of collar is gone?

No, Softness of collar is remaining as it is after washing it.

All elizabethan and collapsibe available in various sizes, why should we prefer Collapsibe?

Collapsible collar is collapsed when pet sit on the floor and its soft inner give extra comfort to your pet. So you should prefer collapsible over Elizabethan collar.

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