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Helpful for hemiplegic pets
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Size Determination



Step 1: Kindly go through the video on how to take the measurements



Step 2: Note down the measurements of your pet as described in above video and illustrated below



Step 3: Get the downloadable size form here

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Step 4: Fill in the measurements here to get the size







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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dog wheelchair and when we should use it for pet?

Not able to move all four legs (Tetraplegia)
Not able to move the rear legs (Paraplegia)
Walking with the front feet while dragging the rear legs
Possibly pain in the neck, spine or legs
Not able to urinate
Not able to control urination, dribbling urine


What are different sizes of dog wheelchair available?

There are three different sizes available for Innocarts as given below.


Which dog wheelchair type, Two wheel or Four wheel should we use for our pet?

First step in procuring a wheelchair for your pet involves selection of correct Innocart type required by your pet. Below is the video demonstrating the way to adjudge which type of Innocart is best suited to your beloved pet


How should I Place My Pet in dog wheel chair

This video explains how to place your pet in Innocart and how suitable it is for your pet


What is weight of dog wheel Chair? wheather it is having anything to do with my Pet's weight?

The approximate weight (Kg) for different categories of Innocarts is as follows

Innocart weight


wheather We need to Push dog wheel chair or not?

That depends on condition of your pet at the time of application of Innocart. if a pet is able to drag itself with its front legs than in 99% cases he will move himself in Innocart . But if he is not able to drag himself he will need assistance initially


What is optimal duration and frequency of using dog wheel chair?

That's really depend upon disease, physiological condition and age of your pet. There are so many causes that left your pet handicapped like;
 Accident or trauma
 Old age
 Canine degenerative myelopathy (DM) – gene related in German shepherd, boxer, Welsh corgi, Chesapeake Bay retriever, age 7-14 years; cause is unknown
  Slipped discs in the back - intervertebral disc disease
 Discospondylitis – bacterial or viral infection in the bones of the spine (vertebrae)
 Infection or inflammation in the spine
 Meningomyelitis – viral or bacterial infection of the brain, resulting in miscommunication of nerves impulses
Polymyositis - infection or inflammation in the muscles
Polyneuritis - inflammation in nerves
Embolus - blocked blood flow to the spine
Aortic embolus - blocked blood flow to the rear legs
Tumors or cancer in the spine or brain
Tick paralysis resulting from tick bites
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Botulism - bacterial toxins
Myasthenia Gravis - severe muscle weakness
Fibrocartilaginous embolism – fluid from within an injured disk enters the arterial system and settles in the spinal cord, creating a permanent embolism, or blockage; it is irreversible but non-progressive
Hypothyroidism - low thyroid level
Injury to the spine
Malformation of the spine or vertebrae
Whatever may be the condition rehabilitation aid like wheelchair can only act as essential supportive therapy and in all the cases underlying causes must be treated with available alternative therapeutic regimns.
Initially Innocart must be applied for short duration say 15 minutes to half an hour or even less based on the response of pet. A golden rule for a good response is that your pet should be excited when presented with Innocart. If your pet is happy while in Innocart and do not show signs of exhaution like panting, disinterest in food or attention, means everything is fine. During initial phase of one month one should increase the frequency and thereafter the duration of carting.


Will my pet able to daily natural calls while in dog wheel chair?

Innocarts are designed in such a way so as to provide necessary space and angle for doing natural calls by pet conveniently. In 99% cases pets get acclimatized within a week to do their natural call of their own while in Innocart



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