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Helpful for hemiplegic pets
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Size Determination



Step 1: Kindly go through the video on how to take the measurements



Step 2: Note down the measurements of your pet as described in above video and illustrated below



Step 3: Get the downloadable size form here

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Product Uses



Wheelchair Uses

Pet also have feelings, they feel bad when they loose the confidence, because they are unable to walk in paralysis. In this case, when pet use wheelchair and start walk again, they enjoy the new life and it brings the confidence and reduces the depression. It also helps in Bed sores and Bed wetting and muscle wasting problem which is natural in paralysis. It gives the new movements and new life to the pet so they prefer to walk again and again.


1. Depression

Pet loose the confidence level about walking in paralysis. They unable to walk, run, or take a strong movement. They normally suffer from pain because of stiffness. These are the reasons which make pet fully depressed. The wheelchair gives the new life, new movement to the pet in such condition like paralysis. And it is natural that they feel happy and blessed. It brings new activeness, happy feeling, and confidence.The depression can be automatically reduced.

2. Bed Sores

Bed sores is very common problem for dog who facing the problem like paralysis, because the pet is unable to walk. They reluctant of run or walk and sit at one place for long time. In this situation sores is natural. Wheelchair help to walk again, so there is no chance of bed sores.

 3. Bed wetting

Bed wetting is mostly happens during the paralysis. Pet generally reluctant to walk. They are literally unable to take any movement, they cannot even move from one place to another. So the bed wetting is normal in this situation. By using wheelchair, pet can easily walk. So they can do their routine work normally. Wheelchair gives the big life changing option for the dog who suffering from paralysis.

4. Muscle waste

In paralysis, dog loses muscle and its functionality. Even in this situation dog get laziness, lose activeness and generally don’t prefers to move so body part and muscle get unused and slowly become dead. This situation is really critical. It required physical activeness instead of muscle waste. That physical activeness can be providing through the wheelchair. Pet not only walk and become active but also run and make body in proper blood circulation. So the problems like muscle waste can be reduce by using wheelchair.

Product Speciality



Wheelchair Speciality


1. Cushioned and comfort

In paralysis more important part is to keep our pet comfort and easy going. To provide comfort with extra cushioned effect we have used some special material in wheelchair. This helps to give easy going feel to the pet. If pet feel relaxed and easy, it definitely prefer to move more and more.

2. Tough wheels

The wheelchair stands upon the wheel. In this cart the wheels are also plays the biggest role, because it is the strongest base of wheelchair. Wheels should be that much sufficient to move in any surface. In India, some of the dogs belong from rural area. In that place we don’t expect smooth surface. So we have taken care of these things also and for that we have made wheels solid and tougher. So dog can go anywhere with the wheelchair support.

3. Special design for males

Our rehabilitation products are fully customised. First we receive all the information from our customer includes dog gender. Then we start manufacturing upon the received information. During this making process we care about dog gender. So if dog gender is male, wheelchair should be designed with care of body parts.

4. Available for all breeds

Wheelchair is available for every breed. We made this product for so many breed either it is small, big, large or heavy weighted.

5. Adjustable

Design of wheelchair is fully adjustable. We manufacture the product on basis of dog sizes. But even though we make wheelchair adjustable, so you can fit the wheelchair much better.


How to use wheelchair

How to use wheelchair


1. Assemble cart for minimum time

For pet, it is difficult to accept wheelchair suddenly. They required some time to make themselves free to use, to understand the product purpose. Suddenly they cannot be that much comfortable to use the product easily. We can assemble the cart for minimum time in first introduction and wait till they accept the product and try to start moving slowly. It is not necessary to make your pet move forcefully or make them wear wheelchair all the time. We should wait till pet’s movement.


2. Remove cart when pet is not under observation

You can remove the cart while your pet is not in your observation. It is not important to wear cart all the time in a day. When pet is in sleeping mood there is no need of wheelchair. but make sure your dog is with you or in your watch while use wheelchair.


3. Adjust wheelchair properly

Many of the pet owners do the mistakes while assembling the wheelchair. During the assembling process, firstly make sure that Remove bar is removed from the wheelchair. The remove bar is provides with only wheelchair safely purpose. It should be removed before applying wheelchair to the dog. Another mistake like Front loop adjustment. The front loop is gives comfort when set properly, so front loop should be set behind the front legs, not at above the front legs(neck area).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dog wheelchair and when we should use it for pet?

Not able to move all four legs (Tetraplegia)
Not able to move the rear legs (Paraplegia)
Walking with the front feet while dragging the rear legs
Possibly pain in the neck, spine or legs
Not able to urinate
Not able to control urination, dribbling urine


What are different sizes of dog wheelchair available?

There are three different sizes available for Innocarts as given below.


Which dog wheelchair type, Two wheel or Four wheel should we use for our pet?

First step in procuring a wheelchair for your pet involves selection of correct Innocart type required by your pet. Below is the video demonstrating the way to adjudge which type of Innocart is best suited to your beloved pet


{slider-nested How should I Place My Pet in dog wheel chair}

This video explains how to place your pet in Innocart and how suitable it is for your pet


{slider-nested What is weight of dog wheel Chair? wheather it is having anything to do with my Pet's weight?}

The approximate weight (Kg) for different categories of Innocarts is as follows

Innocart weight


{slider-nested wheather We need to Push dog wheel chair or not?}

That depends on condition of your pet at the time of application of Innocart. if a pet is able to drag itself with its front legs than in 99% cases he will move himself in Innocart . But if he is not able to drag himself he will need assistance initially


{slider-nested What is optimal duration and frequency of using dog wheel chair?}

That's really depend upon disease, physiological condition and age of your pet. There are so many causes that left your pet handicapped like;
 Accident or trauma
 Old age
 Canine degenerative myelopathy (DM) – gene related in German shepherd, boxer, Welsh corgi, Chesapeake Bay retriever, age 7-14 years; cause is unknown
  Slipped discs in the back - intervertebral disc disease
 Discospondylitis – bacterial or viral infection in the bones of the spine (vertebrae)
 Infection or inflammation in the spine


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