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It helps in safe examination of pets and also increase protection of your beloved ones.
It comes with extra comfort soft lining.
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Size Determination

Step 1: Kindly go through the video on how to take the measurements


Step 2: Note down the measurements of your pet as described in above video and illustrated below


Step 3: Get the downloadable size form here

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Step 4: Fill in the measurements here to get the size




Product Uses

Muzzle fix

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fix Muzzle?

Fix Muzzle is product which is used as safe examination equipment and for enhancing protection.

What are different sizes of Fix Muzzle available?

Muzzles are available in 0 to 9 sizes.

when Muzzle should be used?

Muzzle can be used when your pet is suffers from the infection and also prevent barking and biting.

Is Muzzle is comfortable to my dog?

Yes, Muzzle contains soft inner part inside it. so it is comfortable to your pet.
Image will give you better idea:
fIX MUZZLE comfortability

Is Muzzle is unharmful to the mouth of dog?

Yes, it is un harmful for the mouth of your dog. 

In Muzzle can my pet breath comfortably?

Yes, it contains the transparent net. so, your pet can breathe comfortably.

Can Muzzle provide protection from barking and biting?

Yes, Muzzle provides protection from barking and biting.

Is nylon strap is so strong that can't be break by my pet

Yes, it is heavy duty nylon strap which is so strong that cant broke by your pet.
Image will give you more idea.
Fix Muzzle Strongness

Can dog eat or drink in muzzle?

No, your dog can't eat and drink in muzzle. While eating and drinking you should remove muzzle.

Can fix muzzle have some adjustment?

No, for small adjustment you may prefer adjustable muzzle of our Brand.

Is Muzzle is infection free? Can it use for other dogs?

Yes, Muzzle is infection free and you can use it for other dog.

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