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Slings are perfect first aid supplementary to carts and it is perfect for old age dogs.
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Slings can use when your pet suffers from the Paralyses and from joint and muscle disease.
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What is Hind Sling?

Hind sling is Pet rehabilitation Product for which use as perfect first aid supplementary to INNOCART.

What are different sizes of Hind Sling available?

Hind Slings are available in Small to Extra- Large sizes.

when Hind sling should be used?

Slings can used when your pet suffers from the Paralyses and from joint and muscle disease.

Is My dog is fractured in one leg, can it comfortable in Hind sling?

Yes, if Dog has fractured in One leg, Your pet is comfortable in Hind sling.

Is dog has plaster in its leg can easily comfortable in sling?

Yes Dog has Plaster in its leg then also your dog is comfortable in the Hind sling

Is Hind sling can be returned or replace if pet can not be fit into the Hind sling?

Yes, you can replace Sling if it is not fitted to dog. But advisable to buy correct size after going through the size guide of Company.

Can Hind sling adjusted with some minor differences in size?

Yes, Hind sling adjusted with some minor size differences of Dogs.

Can we use sling after recovery of dog?

Yes, you can also use sling after recovery of Dog.

Can dog easily run or walk after putting on the sling?

Yes, Sling is Firm fitted to your pet as per sizes. so they can easily run and walk after putting on the sling.

Can we easily lift our dog by using sling?

Slings are come with two heavy duty nylon strap, so you can easily lift your pet bu using it.

what to do if only one belt of sling is broke?

The straps in sling are so strong meanwhile if one strap is broke you need to buy new one.

Can sling apply for Pug/Cat?

Yes In case of Pug you can apply Small sling.

Can sling bear the high weight of Dog?

Yes Straps uses in slings are so strong, so it can bear the high weight of pet.

Can sling is washable?

Yes, you can wash sling without worrying to damage inner part of it.

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